The Geometrics: Volume 1 
Textiles New Media, New Methods, New Work.

Launches on 27th June 2014, 6-8pm at The Geometrics: Volume 2 exhibition
Ebook edition £5.99

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Launches on 4th May 2013, 6-8pm at The Geometrics: Volume 1 exhibition

Print edition £12.99 (incl. postage and packaging for UK-based buyers)

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The Geometrics: Volume 1
new media, new methods, new work

This brand new, full-colour, A5 90pp book, published by the Slow Textiles Group, is fully-illustrated with images from textile designers and artists and texts by Daisy McMullan and Emma Neuberg. This volume forms the first in what will become an anthology of geometric textiles. 

The book features 15 artists, each with pages of images and text that describe their practices and inspiration. With contributions from Marie O'Connor, Ele Carpenter, Emma Neuberg, Camille Walala, Melanie Bowles and others, this book is research, practice, inspiration and more. 

Each artist specialises in geometric pattern and form and features together for the first time.  The anthological format is designed to describe a narrative of geometrics in art and design that goes beyond fashion and tells a timeless design story.  The underlying theme of sustainable development for materials practice promotes and makes public the publisher's longterm research in Timeless Aesthetics for Textiles ®.